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An Innovative New Book from Beverly Stokes

Author of Amazing Babies Moving®

Your Self-Motivated Baby is an inspiring guide for parents and caregivers to discover and experience the joy of communicating with their babies.

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Problem Solving in Play

Enhance your Baby’s Learning from the Start

Color photographs throughout the book show babies' motivation in play and how subtle interactions build bonding and encourage development.

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Learn How to Create the Foundation

For a Happy, Healthy, Motivated Baby

A hands-on guide for communicating with babies in their first six months and nurturing their physical, social, and cognitive development.

About the Author



Author, developmental movement researcher, and educator Beverly Stokes is the founder/director of Amazing Babies Moving® Training Programs. She is a Certified Movement Analyst (CMA), Movement Pattern Analyst Consultant (MPA) and Registered International Somatic Movement Educator.

Her best-selling parenting book, Amazing Babies Moving: Essential Movement to Enhance Your Baby’s Development in the First Year in five languages is based on a longitudinal video movement series: Amazing Babies Moving and Amazing Toddlers Moving.  Stokes is acknowledged as a leader in the field of developmental movement education and nonverbal communication.

Beverly currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her partner Dr. Louis Stokes.

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Your Self-Motivated Baby is “Going Global”

Beverly Stokes’ writes a 10-page movement guide that is featured
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Don’t delay and read all about “Your Self-Motivated Baby” today!

Baby Movement Research

International author and developmental movement specialist, Beverly Stokes provides parents and caregivers with the essential developmental movement framework to enhance their baby’s physical, social and cognitive development.

Beverly has the unique ability to convey her baby movement research findings through visual analysis that is critical for parents, caregivers and educators to learn so they can take action that supports their baby’s development.

You will learn that babies can take the lead in social interactions that increases their back-and-forth communication repertoire. Motivated to move and explore, babies problem-solve and plan actions to reach their goal. These are the primary learning experiences that are vital for parenting babies successfully in these pivotal first six months.

Excerpts from the Book

Beverly Stokes’ leading edge baby movement research is now available in her new book “Your Self-Motivated Baby: Enhance Your Baby’s Social and Cognitive Development in the FIRST SIX MONTHS through Movement” by North Atlantic Books/Random House.


Every parent wants a healthy, happy, and motivated baby — a baby eager to move, interact, and explore her world. Your Self-Motivated Baby provides you with a fresh approach to parenting based on baby movement research and natural movement development. This book is written to provide you with a new way to parent your baby through movement, enjoy your baby more, and enhance your baby’s social and cognitive development. Educators and professionals will also find this information invaluable in their work and practice. In documenting my ongoing parent-baby movement sessions, I was finding, as other infant researchers were, that babies were revealing their competence in their social interactions and goal-directed actions much earlier than previous research had shown. I felt it was essential to document my ongoing parent-baby movement sessions so that parents and caregivers would have this vital information to make a difference for their baby.


In my two-year preparation for this book, I have analyzed and edited thousands of photos, creating compelling vignettes that will inspire, inform, and delight you. New information about infant development is presented in fascinating detail that will enhance your interactions and understanding of what babies can do, how they communicate, and what they know. You will find that each month includes social and play interactions, guided observations, and movement explorations for you to enjoy with your baby.


In interviews with parents, a mother of one of the babies in this book tells us about her experience in following my Parenting through Movement program at home with her baby. The following is an excerpt from her six-month review:


Kaya is now into her sixth month and it’s amazing to look back at this little baby that I cradled in my arms. My experience of body movement as it relates to my growing and developing child has been truly enriching. I have found a way to connect and communicate with Kaya by entering her space and exploring it together with her. I have found the internal breathing and grounding of my body on the floor a way to find a quiet and calming place for the two of us. And I have found I’m able to discover my own body, all over again.


My passion and profound commitment in writing Your Self-Motivated Baby is to inspire you to share in the joy of movement with your baby. I hope it will bring you many hours of pleasure together and will inform and enrich your relationship with your self-motivated baby.

Introduction – Multimodal Senses


As your baby explores and learns about the world, all his senses come into play, providing him with multimodal learning and experiences that include visual, auditory, touch, and kinesthetic stimulation. A baby’s early experiences are shaped by these multimodal stimuli and by his developing attention system. He refines his ability to shift focus to pick up information relevant for social interactions and to relate to objects in the environment.

Introduction – Touch

The skin is the baby’s largest sensory organ for touch, and newborns already have a well- developed sense of touch. Babies and parents benefit from bonding through touch and by skin-to-skin contact. Touching and being touched by someone else focuses our attention on our body’s sensations. The sense of touch resulting from active exploration guides our attention to an object’s size, shape, weight, texture, and temperature to learn about the external environment.

Introduction – Body Awareness


The baby’s self-touch sensations and specific movements — such as hand-to mouth, hand-to-hand, hands-to-knees and hands-to-feet movements — provide important body awareness organization. When a baby moves, she experiences ongoing kinesthetic feedback from her muscles, joints, and vestibular system. When the baby watches her arms, legs, and hands move, she receives consistent information across visual, touch, and proprioceptive systems.

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  • Introduction – Multimodal Senses

  • Introduction – Touch

  • Introduction – Body Awareness

Get your copy now! Beverly Stokes makes it clear that preverbal babies are giving cues for caregiver participation very early on; it's up to us to try to understand them better.


Babies Move To Learn™


Movement for Your Babys Physical, Social and Cognitive Development

The Babies Move To Learn™ Program is based on Beverly’s most up-to-date documented baby movement research in natural settings that provides parents and caregivers with an active, engaging, and inspiring new approach to parenting. Based on developmental movement, Our Babies Move to Learn™ Program helps parents and caregivers create the foundation for their baby’s developing motivation in social interactions and explorations in the environment in the first six months.

Parents and caregivers learn how to tune in and support their baby’s developing focus of attention and intention in expressive communication and problem solving in play. Beverly’s innovative parenting through movement approach creates a dynamic learning environment to support development of a competent and confident baby from the start.


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Book Reviews

Your Self-Motivated Baby is an inspiring guide for parents and caregivers to discover and experience the joy of communicating with their babies. Through photo-vignettes in three key areas — developmental movement, social interaction, and self-motivated learning — we see that even the youngest babies are eager to move, engage socially, and explore their environment. Parents learn to observe and respond to their baby’s preverbal communication cues in social interactions and in shared play activities that enhance their growing relationship.


Thomas R. Verny, MD

Thomas R. Verny, MD

"This is a disarmingly readable book that presents a panoramic view of the subject ... . Essential reading for anyone contemplating having a child, and for all parents with newborns and babies in the first six months."

-- Dr. Verny is the co-author with Pamela Weintraub of Pre-Parenting.

Judi Orion

Judi Orion

"Beverly Stokes has, once again, through her keen and detailed observations of babies and research into their neurological development, given us a synopsis of the most-often unobserved and therefore unknown abilities of very young infants. This book is a great read for parents."

-- Ms. Orion is the director of teacher training, assistants to infancy, at the Montessori Institute.

Glen T. Steele, OD

Glen T. Steele, OD

"Stokes captures the importance of vision in the process of development ... . She consistently points out how the visual process is involved beyond mere visual acuity and that the development of looking behavior leading to movement is so necessary for social, cognitive, perceptive and emotional development."

-- Dr. Steele is a professor of pediatric optometry at the Southern College of Optometry.

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Enhance Your Baby’s Social and Cognitive Development in the FIRST SIX MONTHS through Movement.

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